Part# 1013195, 1013198, 1013194 – Chromoly H-Beam Rods

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Thank you for purchasing LCE Performance H-Beam connecting rods. We strive to maintain the highest quality products and services. To ensure optimum service, please read the following instructions thoroughly. Proper installation is crucial to insure dependable service life. If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please contact our technical department at (928) 855-6341.

Disassembly Notes:

  • Always disassemble and thoroughly clean all rod bolt surfaces. Do not use metal stamps to number rods, Felt tip markers or tool maker's dye are an excellent alternative.

  • Rod bolt threads and underside of head of the bolt should be lubricated with ARP Moly Assembly Lube. Do not use oil or Loctite. Cap should be seated on rod by aligning cap by hand and lightly tapping into place. Alternate tightening bolts to avoid cocking cap.

  • If any other lubricant is used on bolt, bolt stretch method must be used due to different Viscosity lubricants. Improper bolt torque will cause premature bolt failure.

  • Rod bolts are manufactured from high grade steel and are vulnerable to corrosion. Care should be taken when handling fasteners to prevent exposing to moisture. Bolts should be handled by the bolt head. Bolts should always be lubricated prior to handling or storage.

Disassembly Instructions:

For disassembly break bolt loose ¼ turn each rod bolt alternating sides until loose. To accurately determine the life of a bolt, it is recommend that a log of the bolts original free-standing (un-torqued) length should by kept and recorded upon subsequent tear downs for inspection. The freestanding length should be checked against its original length. If there is an increase of .001" or more, or if there is any permanent deformation or galling, the bolt should be replaced.

Reassembly Instructions:

When installing these connecting rods, LC Engineering recommends following the direction of the “Original” tang orientation from Toyota (which are all located on the drivers side of the block). On Part# 1013198 (Toyota Journal Rods) the LC Engineering logo will face the rear of the block.

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NOTE: (22 Stroker) You must always check engine clearances when changing internal engine components! The oil galley may need to be clearanced on some applications. You should have a minimum of .030” clearance between the rod bolt head and the block.


Clearances: Listed below are typical clearances and will vary according your application. Refer to manufacturer's specifications for your application. See Factory service manual. Do NOT modify rods or rod bolts for clearance.

Rod bearing oil clearance: - .0015"-"0035"
Piston pin clearance: - .0005" - .0015"
Rod side clearance (single rod journal): - .007"-.015"
Rod-to-block: - .030" minimum

Wristpins: Bent or out of round wrist pins will cause deformation of pin bores. Check your pins! We do not recommend the use of pins of less than .110” wall in normally aspirated engines and .150” wall in forced induction applications. These are minimum wall requirements for Chrome Moly or equivalent materials. We can sell you pins if needed.