Part# 1013108 – 2RZ/3RZ Main Studs

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1. Be sure to check thread pitch to make sure correct end goes into block (Allen head is the nut end).

2. Use 11mm x 1.25 tap to clean threads in the block. Use ARP Moly Lube and make sure each stud threads into block all the way.

3. Install main studs in block with 3/16 Allen wrench. Hand tight. Do not torque.

4. Install main caps over studs. Check cap alignment with the block especially check #3 cap where thrust bearings ride. Caps may require hole location to be enlarged to compensate larger stud O.D. If so use a 15/32-drill bit to enlarge hole. De-bur cap after drilling.

5. Install washers and nuts on studs, torque nuts to 80ft lbs using ARP Moly or Ultra-Torque lube.

Verify all bearing clearances are to spec. After final torque. Not verifying all bearing clearances can cause premature engine failure.

7. LC Engineering highly recommends line honing the block when using studs.