Part# 1013022 – LC Pro Crankshaft Scraper (Full Perimeter)

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The LC Pro Crankshaft Scraper will decrease crank wind-age and drag by removing excess oil from the crankshaft while reducing oil foaming, producing increased horsepower and longevity.

Installation Instructions:

1.Install crank scraper with the angled portion of scraper on the exhaust side of block, pointing towards the top of the block. With the crank and rods installed in block, rotate and check clearance between crank/rods and scraper. Minimum clearance .100" required. Modify scraper accordingly.

2.On oil pans that use a silicone seal, apply a 5mm bead of silicone on both sides of scraper and install oil pan. Torque bolts to approx. 9 Ft.-Lbs.

3. On oil pans that use a gasket seal apply a 5mm bead of silicone on block side of scraper and use a gasket on oil pan side of scraper. Install oil pan and torque bolts to approx. 9 Ft.-Lbs.

4.Turn engine over by hand to assure proper clearance.

***LC Engineering reccommneds using “Ultra Grey” silicone only.***

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