IFS Steering Box Bleeding

Before Bleeding - Check and Correct as Needed:

  • Inspect steering system
  • Hoses must not touch any other part of the vehicle
  • Steering system noise could be caused by hose touching frame, body or engine
  • All hose connections must be tight
  • Loose connections might not leak but could allow air into the system

How To Bleed:

    1. Switch ignition off.

    2. Raise front wheels off the ground and secure vehicle with jack stands.

    3. Turn steering wheel full left.

    4. Fill fluid reservoir to "FULL COLD" level, leave cap off.

    5. Turn steering wheel lock-to-lock at least 20 times. On systems with long lines or ram assist cycle steering at least 40 times.

    6. Trapped air may cause fluid to overflow - keep fluid level at "FULL COLD".

    7. Start engine and maintain fluid level at "FULL COLD".

    8. Reinstall Fluid Cap.

    9. Keep Engine Running for 2 minutes.

    10. Return wheels to center and lower wheels to ground.

    11. Turn wheel with engine running.

Verify the Following:

  • Smooth power assist
  • Noiseless operation
  • Proper fluid level
  • No system leaks
  • Proper fluid condition (no bubbles, foam or discoloration)