22R/RE/RTE EGR Delete (Part #1016038, 1016039, 1016008, 1016009, 1016010)

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Thank you for ordering LC Engineering’s EGR Delete! Since there are so many varying vacuum hose configurations for these engines, we have a recommended approach for installation of this kit. Find your egr valve by locating the 3 bolt attachment to the intake side of the cylinder head right behind the intake manifold. Trace the lines coming from the EGR Valve and it's Modulator to the VSV valves mounted on the valve cover, the vacuum tree on intake, the Steel Vacuum Routing Assembly that runs front to back along the intake side of the cylinder head, the throttle body if applicable, etc.

You will need a pack of 1/8" vacuum caps (available at any parts supplier) and start unplugging each line from it's source and placing vacuum caps in their place as you go. Once all lines are removed and capped, remove the valve itself and replace with the block plates included. We do not include any gaskets with these kits, as the gasket for the EGR flange to head is actually part of the entire Intake Gasket. We recommend Silicone Gasket Maker. Ultra-Grey or Toyota FIPG will work just fine. Just simply draw a circle around both open holes in the center of the EGR mounting surfaces, as well as a bit on the threads of the bolt going into the cylinder head in top front location, as this is open into the valve train and may leak a few drops of oil over time.

The only other item to be considered would be the EGR temp sensor, which is only applicable to the 22RE. If you have the below sensor sticking up off the egr connection to the intake, you will need to install one of the resistors into the harness you unplugged from this sensor. We recommend trying the bigger of the two resistors first. Bend the resistor into a U shape so it can be plugged into both terminals in the harness at the same time. If the Check Engine Light comes on for "EGR Temp", simply swap to the smaller resistor and reset the code.