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Why Pro Fuel Injection?


 Why Pro Fuel Injection?
Converting to an aftermarket fuel/ignition management system for the Toyota 22RE/2RZ/3RZ engine is a real step up in performance.  The LC Pro Fuel Injection Kits are versatile in that they are parameter less and can be tuned from inside the vehicle.

Pro Fuel Injection Kit    

Based on the SDS EM-3 system, the  LC Pro Injection Kit is a fully programmable, stand alone, engine management system designed to replace the factory Toyota injection computer or convert your carbureted engine to fuel injection using an OEM EFI intake manifold and throttle body.  It provides excellent results with naturally aspirated engines, super chargers, turbo chargers and all types of fuels in both off-road and street applications.  The system is a stand-alone system and does not utilize any of the factory sensors.
This system does not require expensive software or a laptop computer for programming.  Using speed/density airflow sensing, the LC Pro Injection allows you to eliminate the bulky and restrictive OEM airflow meter.  Full sensor diagnostics and programming are available in real-time.
The LC Pro Fuel Injection System can be used with turbo conversions or factory EFI systems and superchargers.  This system is a great conversion for off-road vehicles that are used to extreme angles.
Dyno results confirm a 12-14 HP increase with LCE headers and a 6-7 HP increase with factory exhaust.  Call our Sales or Technical Department for more information.  928-505-2501

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