Engine Tech Page 20R/22R/22RE/22RT-E/22RE-C

Torque Specifications Engine Block Identification
Proper Deck Heights 22RE Block & Head Identification
Valve To Piston Clearances Piston and Rod Orientation
Crankshaft Rods Rocker Arms LC Adjustable Cam Gear
The Timing Chain 94mm Pistons
Timing Chain Conversion Valve Cover Modification CP Piston Tech PDF
Timing Chain Evolution Engine Block Brace
Knock Sensor Warning
Knock Sensor Relocation
Bottom End Clearances Using 20R Head On 1985 Or Newer Block


Cylinder Head Identification & Flow Rocker Arm Tips
Head Flow LC Pro Cylinder Head
Proper Cam Timing EFI Pro& Street Performer Camshaft
Rocker Arms And Camshafts
LC Valve Length Chart Vacuum Diagrams NEW
Valve & Valve Spring Technical Underdrive Pulley Kit
Valve Seat Measurement Circle Track Oil Pans
Early Oil Pump vs. Late Oil Pump Valve Adjustment
Parts For Building Your Own EFI Pro Long Block Desmogging your 22R (Video HERE)
Piston Rings Tech Note Belt Tensions for 22R/RE & 3VZ-E
Pro Journal Vs. Toyota Journal Main Bearings Tech Note
What Does A Crankscraper Do? Checking Compression Ring Gaps
Vacuum Leaks Tech Note Starter Relay Trick For Your 22RE
Things To Consider Before Changing Your Camshaft
Studs vs. Head Bolts Compression Testing vs. Leak Down Testing
Premature Cam Failure Engine Tune Up
Degreeing a Camshaft Cold Start Injector & Time Switch
Leak Down Testing Instructions Decode Your VIN
Valve Timing & Performance  
Spark Plug Readings  
Dowel Pin Clearance  
Cast vs. Forged Pistons  
Engine Replacement  
Measuring Horsepower  






Timing the 3VZ-E