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We have been hacked. Since Thanksgiving our original LC Engineering site has been under constant attack by hackers. We had no other choice but to take down the site completely. We are forwarding all web traffic to the LCE Performance site. We are working on rebuilding the most popular pages first. The 2012 newsletters are back up and we will be working on the tech pages next. Visit the best web site for Toyota Performance parts


LC Engineering prides itself with outstanding customer service. When one of our vendors does not meet the tough standards, we have to make the choice of wether or not to keep doing business with them.

After a long history of selling ATK engines we have made the choice of no longer offering there products. Customer service is the main reason we are still in business today. We feel that ATK is no longer offering the level of service our customers and we require. If you have any issues with your ATK product please give us a call as we are here to help. We staff both multiple sale and tech phone lines and are available Monday though Friday Arizona Mountain standard time.

Billet Wire Loom

Not only will this billet wire loom look great on the engine but it serves a purpose also. This wire loom will keep your expensive sparkplug wires off the header or exhaust manifold. Designed to hold the 8.5mm performance spark plug wires above or below the billet loom. Easy to install hardware included, the loom will bolt to the accessory holes all ready in the valve cover. Match it up with one of our powder coated valve cover for that show look. In Stock and ready to ship call our sales line or order on line.


1085006 Billet Wire Loom Kit-20R/22R/RE/RET

Toyota Wire Loom

Perfect Stocking Stuffers
Billet oil cap

The LCE Billet Oil Caps are perfect for a small gift for the Toyota enthusiast. Made from high quality billet aluminum these oil caps will

1024082 Billet Oil Cap "Cog Style" $26.95

1024080 Billet Oil Cap "Hexagon Style" $19.95


Here are the two most popular timing chain kits kit that we sell. We are the originators of the dual row conversion kit. Back in 1985 we found a need to have the stronger dual row chain set on the late Toyota engines. We have pushed the horsepower of these engines past the the breaking limit of the single chain. The timing chain conversion kit will allow 1985 to 1995 22R or RE engines to run the dual row timing chain that the early engines used. Originally used in the 20R and pre 1983 22R/RE this chain is good for over 100000 miles. Included in the kit is the OE Japan OSK timing components, a custom length chain and all new water pump and blue printed oil pump. As well as a new custom timing chain cover, all new hardware and gaskets included.

The single row timing chain kit with the metal guides is a staple of the LC engineering product line. No one offers a quality kit like this with parts from Japan and the USA

1015012 LCE 22R/RE (85-95) Dual Row Timing Chain Conversion Kit

1015018 22R/RE (85-95) Single Row Timing Chain Kit with Metal Back Guides

LC Pro Air Kits

The LC Pro air kits are the most inexpensive way to add 5 horsepower or more to your Toyota Truck. Utilizing K&N cone style cleanable air filters for long life. We offer the kits in different configurations. There is just the filter assembly only or the compleat kit with a new Stainless Steel air tube and silicone coupler. The Early truck up to 1989 will reuse the throttle body coupler because of the angle of the manifold. The 1989 and up kit will include a silicone elbow for the throttle body. All the 4 cylinder 22RE kits are smog approved in the state of California. Kits will include all hardware and instructions and take about an hour or less to install. The kits with the air tube will work with the stock radiator set up. If you are running the cheap china radiator with plastic tanks that mounts the radiator an inch or two off the radiator support modification will be needed to install.

The V6 3.0 liter 3VZ kit will really wake up the 3VZ slow. Add our header kit and its just like bolting on 25 horse power in less than a days worth of work. Please be aware that this kit is not for highway use in California. All kits can include the optional outerwear for wet or really dust environments. the outerwear will allow you to run longer with out having to clean the K&N filter as often.

1061506 LC Pro Air Intake Filter & Bracket Kit Only 22RE(83-95)

1061509 LC Pro Air Intake Kit 22RE (83-87)

1061498 LC Pro Air Intake Kit 22RE (88 Only)

1061508 LC Pro Air Intake Kit 22RE (89-95)

1061490 LC Pro Air Intake Kit 3VZ (88-95) 49 State Only

Outerwear PreCharger Wrap for all above kits

The New Hose Kits
Are Hot

Dress up your engine compartment by replacing your vacuum lines with these high quality silicone hose kit.

As everyone knows the old rubber hoses in the engine compartment can cause all sorts of problems when they become dried out and cracked with age and under hood temperatures for decades or more. Now we offer a good looking way to solve those problems.

We have released a vacuum hose kit for the 1983 to 1995 22RE fuel injected engines. This new kits will have

12 feet of the 4mm
4 feet of the 6mm
1 foot of 8mm

Warning Silicone vacuum hose CAN NOT be used for brake, fuel, or oil lines. Use for vacuum lines only. Temperature range for the silicone hose is through the following range: -65ºF to 300ºF

Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit 83-95 Blue
Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit 83-95 Red
Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit 83-95 Black
Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit 83-95 Silver
Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit 83-95 Yellow

Don't Delay

Toyota 22RE Silicone Hose

Buy Today

Toyota High Flow Fuel Rail

22RE High Flow Fuel Rail


22RE High Flow Fuel Rail

This CNC machined fuel rail with raised heat exchanger ribs for extra fuel cooling is the perfect add on for those running larger than 300cc injectors on the Toyota 22RE. With -8 AN fittings on both ends for fuel supply and regulator. This is a Custom rail that is in limited supply and is available on first come first serve basis. You must call in to order. After we sell out it will only be available by custom order and will cost well over $250

Call Sales 1-877-505-2501

Toyota Turbo
CT 20 Conversion Kit

Here is the easiest way to replace the worn out turbo on the 22RTE trucks. This kit fits the stock Toyota manifold and provides the best replacement part available. With the Garrett GT25R unit. This new Garret is a ball bearing, water cooled turbo that is internally gated and preset to 7psi. The kit includes adapter plates to bolt the Garret to your stock turbo manifold and hot pipe, stainless steel oil feed line, high temp return line with custom adapter to bolt to stock return location, inlet tubing to go to the stock air box, exhaust down pipe to bolt to your factory exhaust, single wire oxygen sensor, and all the gaskets and hardware needed to perform the installation. We have these kit in stock and ready to ship.

1071013 CT20 To Garrett GT25R Turbo Kit

Toyota Turbo

Tech for December

The web page for our tech is getting rebuilt as we send out this newsletter here are some links to some of the more popular Tech pages. If you require other tech help, call us and we can e-mail a link or PDF of our tech or instructions.

Clutch install instructions

Piston ring tech

LC EFI Timing Instruction

Timing Instructions

Testing for Cooling System Electrolysis

Throttle Position Tech & Adjustment Procedure

Vacuum Leak Tech Page

Spark Plug Reading Tech

Reader Ride

We like to thank Nixon Auto repair for sending in the photos of his race Celica and the progression of the cars.

Nixon Celica

Nixon build race car

Build Toyota celica

Toyota race

Toyota Celica Race Car



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